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{Family is Love}…Charlotte, NC newborn photographer


oh man, oh man…what a beauty! This thing called motherhood is something to behold. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn babe and her adoring mother. I feel so blessed and honor to have documented this sweet friend of mine and her precious daughter. I first met this mama when she worked at Pickles and Icecream. She is now the owner over at Southern Chic Style (seriously go find her on IG and FB), and was thrilled when we reconnected. Her story is amazing, one that truly has a happy ending. Thanks so much Amy and Jason! Congratulations!!


{Real Life is Beautiful}…Charlotte, NC family photographer


I love my boys so much that my heart hurts sometimes. Motherhood is the greatest adventure I have ever been on. It is the most rewarding and challenging thing I have ever done. We had a lifestyle session done in our home in January when Jax had just turned 3 and Link was around 6 months. (The first and last 3 images are Morning Wild Photography) What I had envisioned in my head was very different from the outcome. What I didn’t anticipate was the meltdowns, tantrums, and frustration. What I also didn’t anticipate, even among our chaos, was seeing it as crazy beautiful. We are in the trenches a lot of days. And as loooong as the days may seem sometimes, they will be gone in a flash. I want to remember every detail about them now, and how Tracy and I love them, cuddle them, hug and hold them. I want to see them as they are…the real and raw moments. Being their mother has changed how I see the world and my approach to photography and family sessions. I don’t want to shoot the perfect because it doesn’t exist. I want to shoot the raw, crazy, and beautiful life we are in. Here are some images from some recent sessions where clients have invited me into their homes and lives. I am booking for Spring and Summer. If you or someone you know would like to book and feel I am the photographer for you or them, I would love to schedule a time to chat. Now is a great time to book with the city bursting with color and new life. Be blessed! xo!


{Baby Walker, 9 months}…Charlotte, NC family photographer


sigh! I adore photographing this beautiful famiy. I have been photographing them since they were pregnant with their first son. This family is one of the reasons I love what I do. They have become friends and allowed me to be apart of their beautiful and growing family. :)



{Love}…Charlotte, NC child and family photographer


I am not sure I can adequately express the amount of graditude I have for these people. There are challenges every day, but so much joy and love too. I am so thankful to my Creator for the loves of my life.


{Us}…Charlotte, NC family photographer


Us. Just as we are. The reasons I love lifestyle family sessions is that I get to see my family (or yours) documented in a way that is real and precious. I love that my sweet friend Megan of MorningWild Photography came to our home and captured us they way we are. I love to document real moments between families that may seem mundane, but are actually quite beautiful…just like Megan did for us. I just got some prints back from this session, and it made my heart sing. A couple years ago, I refocused my business on the importance of the tangible, which is so important in our digital age. What will we have to give our children if images are lost on discs and hard drives? What if my boys never had a picture of me holding them they way I do now? What if my boys never saw the connection that their father and I have? That would be devastating. All that to say, besides loving what Megan captured of us, I have collections that are print based, but have some digital images in them as well for social media sharing. I look forward in continuing to serve my wonderful clients images of their families so their children’s children children can enjoy as well.:)xo!