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{Delicate}…Charlotte, NC newborn photographer


Baby girls are so dainty and delicate. I guess I just don’t know any better since I have rough and tumble boys. I loved how light and soft this newborn session was…perfect for little girls. I was so pleased when the “C” family asked me back again to document them as a family of four. These two precious girls made my heart swell. I am an updating machine today! I am not even sure anyone looks, reads, or notices my blog anymore! Ha! If you’re out there, holla!


{Miracle}…Charlotte, NC newborn photographer


There is joy that ensues sorrow. This family welcomed their miracle baby boy not too long ago, and he fits perfectly among them. Their story is not my story to tell, but I was filled with gratitude for them. What a distinct opportunity it was to document this precious family.


{Baby Blake}…Charlotte, NC baby photographer


I met this sweet one’s mama at the play place in the mall one day. We immediately connected and chatted away. Baby Blake did a flower and crown session and I was so happy to hang out with this darling. I still have openings for a flower and crown session this month. Contact me for info! xo.


{Flower and Crown Sessions}…Charlotte, NC family photographer

As a child I always searched for flowers to put in my hair. I recall my sisters laughing at me as I pranced off to find flowers during a family football game. Although I love some good, heart-racing exercise, I was drawn to the beauty of the world around me. As a child at recess I went off alone acting out and imagining I was one of the characters in one of the many books I read. A part of me has always loved finding and creating beauty. As a photographer nothing has changed. Unfolding a story in the midst of beauty is my heart behind photography.

As a mother of two now I don’t always define myself as beautiful. My body has changed and I constantly chase after the “body” I had before. Funny thing is, I never was content with that body either. I want to feel as beautiful as a flower crown on my head. My Father in heaven says that I am. This is one aspect of the Flower and Crown sessions. To celebrate women wherever they are in life…single, mom-to-be, mother and wife. My desire is to help women (YOU) feel as beautiful as you truly are. Not only because of the outward, but because the you are made in the image of God and do remarkable things.

Motherhood has wrecked me in the best possible way. I never knew the level of joy and frustration I could feel at the same time. Before Lincoln was born, I was reading Jax one of his many books….”The Crown on Your Head” by Nancy Tillman. Jax was too young at the time to sit and listen to this book, so as he crawled away to play, I continued to read and the words and images washed over me and I began to cry.

“On the day that we met you and I put you to bed, I noticed a crown on the top of your head. It was made up of sparkling glimmering things like moonlight and fireflies, and dragon wings. As the days came and went, It was faithful and true… and It grew right along with the rest of you. I always knew just what your crown meant. It said that you were MAGNIFICENT. (That means you are grand from your toes to your chin. Take a deep breath, and let that sink in.) That’s about as high as a word can climb! That’s the top of a mountain… a steeple chime. That’s over the moon in a nursery rhyme… and it means, like a star, YOU WERE BORN TO SHINE. (Blink three times and…there you are! You are a twinkling, little star!) In other words, from your very first day, you were chosen to glow in every big way!”

I felt The Lord telling me I was a treasure and how I felt about my boy, He felt that much more about ME. Thus, the other aspect of the Flower and Crown sessions. Our children are masterpieces, each unique and glorious in their own way. That should also be celebrated.

The details….

The Why…read above!;)

Who…anyone who wants a headshot, maternity, single beauty session, mom and kids (3 months old and up).

What is it?…a mini session to celebrate motherhood and their children. This is not a family or newborn session. I spend a lot more time with my families and newborns and would have to charge accordingly. Do you have to wear flower crowns? No, but bring something with you that makes you feel special and beautiful.

How often?…these sessions are elite and will be scheduled once a quarter. These can be done in the heat of the summer or cold of winter.

Where?…at my home (all images taken above were done in my bedroom and backyard.

How Much?…I am working on the pricing, but right now, there is a special INTRO price for $199 that includes a 45 minute session and digital download. Eventually I am thinking about creating two different all inclusive packages that would include hair and make up for those that want it.

When is next one?…July 11th, so contact me soon!