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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Three siblings…

These three siblings were so much fun.  I observed how much these three love each, enjoy playing and laughting together.  When I asked their mother to describe her children this is what she told me… Look at those baby blues!  Harry, the youngest, is sweet and strong.  He loves his feet! Elizabeth, the middle child, […]

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Giggles and a basket

This beautiful family had me back to photograph Leighton at 6 months old.  She is such a doll!  I commend her for sticking out that 90 something degree heat.  Toward the middle of our session, we stripped Leighton down to cool her off and stuck her in a basket with a soft, fuzzy rug and […]

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10 months…

I have been photographing baby Riley since she was around 3 months old.  Here she is now at 10 months.  She is a busy body, almost ready to walk, and has the best facial expressions.  She got a little fussy toward the end of our session, but when we got her clothes off and had […]

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I went to Atlanta this past weekend to document the marriage celebration of Jonas and Lindsey.  Weddings are not usually what I photograph, but was thankful for the opportunity.  Jonas and Lindsey.  They met in college as freshman at Lee University, my Alma mater.  I believe they were always meant to be together.  They remained friends all […]

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I am going out of town again this weekend to photograph a wedding and a couple celebrating an anniversary, but will return Monday.  I wanted to give this beautiful family their sneak peek before I leave.  This couple introduced the birth of their first child 10 months ago.  Baby “W”  is stunning.  He is sometimes mistaken for […]

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