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{sweetest one year old}…Charlotte, NC family photographer


I know it is said all the time, but that first year of baby’s life just flies by. I didn’t meet baby “A” as a newborn, but had the wonderful opportunity of photographing him as an adorable one year old. Hanging out with him brought back fond memories when my Jax entered that phase. I am quickly finding out how incredibly FAST each phase goes. I want to bottle it up and remember every moment. Thank God for the gift of photography and capturing these fleeting moments! Thank you “S” family for this opportunity. I hope you love the images for years to come. :)


{Perfect little bundle}…Charlotte, NC newborn photographer


I hope everyone is enjoying the transition into Spring! I am feeling good so far (6 months along now), but I just feel really tired by the time night comes.
I just have to say, I loved documenting these first-time parents and their adorable newborn son. Seriously, he is so stinking cute! Thank you so much “Y” family for allowing me to be apart of this awesome time in your lives. Congratulations on that sweet boy. I hope to work with you again soon!


{3 month beauty}…Charlotte, NC family photographer


Finally able to catch up the blog! Sweet baby Kennedy was 3 months here and is completely adored and loved by her family. Big brother Colson cracks me up every time! I can’t wait until May to see how much she has grown. I love seeing my sweet little clients grow. :)


{Anticipation}…Charlotte, NC maternity photographer


One of my favorite type sessions is documenting soon-to-be moms and dads. This couple is so sweet and will welcome their first born son in April. I loved watching their excitement, anticipation, and love they have for each other. Taylor and Billy, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be apart of this special time in your lives! I can’t wait to meet baby Parker in April. :)


{Our Jax, Age 2}…Charlotte, NC child and family photographer


Jax Alan Rogers turned 2 at the beginning of last month. I wanted to dedicate this post to him, to the wonderful little person he is becoming. I also wanted to dedicate this post to him before all the hype and talk of another child entering our little family. I feel as thought I barely have the time or brain power to put a sentence together anymore. There was a time my pen hit the paper everyday. I do want to write more, to put into words my thoughts and feelings, but sometimes (and more often than I care to admit), they are not so pretty. I know I need to change that. I know that being a mom to a toddler is challenging. Being a mom period is challenging. With any challenge I have ever faced in life, there are many rewards. And let me tell you…there are many, many rewards being Jax’s mommy. I love every inch of his face…his beautiful and long lashes, golden brown eyes, full pink lips, curly and wild hair. I love how he loves to read and thirsts for learning new things…which is daily. I love playing hide and seek with him, going to the park, watching trains with him. I love when he holds my hand and calls me “mommy.” I love how he snuggles up to all his little stuffed animals when he naps. I love reading him books every night. I love the way he jumps in his crib in the morning. He truly is our little sunshine, even through the ups and downs, tantrums, and challenges. I am so very thankful God chose me to be a mom to this little man.
One night, through fighting sleep and exhaustion, I put my pen to my paper.
To Tracy and Jax…
“arms wrapped tight, hand held always, rocking and cuddling with the warmth of your hair around my face. Watching you skip and trot, dancing in the kitchen, calling “come find me,” your sweet smile surrounds me, as he surrounds both of us with his smiling gaze.”